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A New Referendum - True Democracy

Posted by Frank Preiss, on 11 December 2018. Comments: 3

Where does the ridiculous argument come from that a new referendum would be a 'betrayal of democracy'?

Quite the contrary. Everyone who voted 'leave' in 2016 will be free to do so again. And if a majority voted 'leave' again that would settle the matter.

We Remainers think the 'vision' of the future offered by the most passionate Brexiteers is deeply flawed if not completely unrealisable. But if Leavers still think they are right what are they afraid of?

No version of our future, in or out of the EU, can give us complete control if our borders, our laws or our money. We will have to compromise on all three.

The question is therefore: do we prefer to negotiate trade deals with the US, China or India on our own, or as a strong and influential partner in the EU, which is of course preparing for, or has already started, those negotiations.

Much has changed since 2016, not least the electorate itself. Leavers take offence at the suggestion that they could have voted in ignorance. They shouldn't: we all voted more or less in ignorance of what the future might offer.

We Remainers did however know what we already had and where we were heading. The EU, for all its flaws, has a vision which, in a nutshell, tries to temper capitalism with humane treatment of all its citizens and their environment through cooperation and compromise.

The realities of any feasible Brexit future have become steadily clearer. It is no surprise tjat every recent poll now shows that a large majority of today's electorate want another vote.

How can that be undemocratic?

PS On a personal note, if not honouring the second referendum would be 'undemocratic' and a 'betrayal', then I already feel betrayed that we are debating Brexit at all. My generation voted 'in' in the first referendum, in 1975. which produced a real majority of 67% - 33%. We never imagined we would leave. We thought we were settling Britain's future for good.

What democratic right did David Cameron or Theresa May have to put that at risk in a vain attempt to unite their fractious followers? The EU is an ongoing task which does not conform to the short careers of ambitious politicians. No one else, Remainer or Leaver, wants to bring it down.


Your Comments

1. At 19:35 on Monday 17th of December 2018, Hopewell commented...


2. At 19:42 on Monday 17th of December 2018, Hopewell commented...

Couldnít agree more! Itís a very complicated and evolving matter and since the last vote many people have had time to reflect and consider their position in light this. Government should go back to the people to ensure they are confident that in light of the fuller picture this is what the majority of electorate want.

3. At 00:34 on Tuesday 18th of December 2018, Varanda commented...

Now that we know all the consequences of leaving the European Union and what Brexit actually mean, people should be made to express an educated opinion on the matter.
I donít know what should be in the ballot though... would it be 3 options? Brexit ( with a deal- possibly Mrs Mayís deal...), Brexit( No deal), No Brexit?

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