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Marco Mezzadri

Marco Mezzadri


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Italian : Classroom Courses

Ages 5-7


This flexible course follows three fun characters on their adventures and takes children from complete beginners level through to level A2 of the CEFR. The vocabulary and main language structures are ...


5-6 anni - Libro studente 9788877157966 £21.50  
Primo approccio - Libro studente 9788877156112 £21.50  
5-6 anni - Guida per l'insegnante 9788877157607 £14.50  
Primo approccio - Guida per l'insegnante 9788877156280 £14.50  
5-6 anni - CD-Audio 9788877157621 £15.50 +VAT
Primo approccio - CD-audio 9788877156273 £15.50 +VAT

Ages 8-10


This flexible course follows three fun characters on their adventures and takes children from complete beginners level through to level A2 of the CEFR. The vocabulary and main language structures are ...


Libro studente 1 9788877157317 £23.95  
Guida per l'insegnante 1 9788877157386 £14.50  
CD-audio 1 9788877157331 £15.50 +VAT
CD-audio 3 9788877159502 £15.50 +VAT

Ages 11-14

Rete! Junior

Rete! Junior is a popular series aimed at children and teenagers. It is divided into two levels - A and B, for beginners and false beginners respectively. Each book consists of 8 units, with a progres...


Testo (parte A) 9788877157713 £21.95  
Guida per l'insegnante (parte A) 9788877158246 £11.95  
CD audio (parte A) 9788877157737 £15.50  
Testo (parte B) 9788877157706 £21.95  
Guida per l'insegnante (parte B) 9788877158253 £11.95  
CD audio (parte B) 9788877157836 £15.50 +VAT

Ragazzi in Rete

Ragazzi in Rete is an updated version of Rete Junior which has been popular with schoolchildren since 2005. Ragazzi in Rete consists of 3 volumes corresponding to the levels A1, A2 and B1 of the CEFR....


Libro A1 9788855704090 £21.95  
CD Audio A1 (2) 9788855704410 £30.75 +VAT
Libro A2 9788855704243 £21.95  
CD Audio A2 (2) 9788855704434 £30.75 +VAT
Libro B1 9788855704465 £21.95  
Guida insegnante B1 9788855704441 £14.50  
CD Audio B1 (2) 9788855704458 £30.75 +VAT


Italiano plus

"Imparare l'italiano per studiare in italiano"

This two-volume course for university students has been developed following research by the Foreign Language Teaching Laboratory at the University of ...


Volume 1 (A1-A2) 9788820108816 £23.75  
Volume 2 (A2-B1/B2) 9788820109981 £23.75  

LS. Corso interattivo di lingua italiana per stranieri

Bring Italian to life with this modern, interactive course! Through interaction with social tools, audiovisual resources and multimedia students will build real-life experiences with the language and ...


Volume A1. Libro + digitale 9788820138332 £26.50  
Volume A2. Libro + digitale 9788820138349 £26.50  

Nuovo Rete!

This revised edition of Rete! is available in 5 levels, covering A1-C1 of the CEFR. Improvements and additions have been made to the course following teachers' feedback and new research on language ed...


Testo/Level A1 9788855702447 £27.95  
Guida + CD(2). Level A1 9788855702669 £31.95  
Libro attivo per PC e Mac A1 9788855705097 £28.50 +VAT
LIM Libro Attivo A1 9788855704007 £81.00 +VAT
Testo/Level A2 9788855702430 £27.95  
Guida + CD(2) Level A2 9788855702683 £31.95  
Libro attivo per PC e Mac A2 9788855705103 £28.50 +VAT
LIM Libro Attivo A2 9788855704113 £81.00 +VAT
Testo/Level B1 9788855703574 £27.95  
Guida + CD(2) Level B1 9788855703611 £31.95  
Testo/Level B2 9788855704274 £27.95  
Guida + CD(2) Level B2 9788855704281 £31.95  
Testo/Level C1 9788855704366 £27.95  
Guida + CD(1) Level C1 9788855704373 £31.95  


Covering approximately 100 hours of study per level, each unit has a specific theme and follows the same basic structure, incorporating listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to explore impor...


Libro di classe 1 9788877154446 £24.75  
Libro di casa + CD-audio 1 9788877154972 £27.75  
Guida per l'insegnante 1 9788877155726 £19.95  
CD-audio (2) 1 9788877154989 £30.75 +VAT
Libro di classe 2 9788877155269 £24.75  
Libro di casa + CD-audio 2 9788877155511 £27.75  
Guida per l'insegnante 2 9788877155283 £19.95  
CD-audio (2) 2 9788877155559 £30.75 +VAT
Libro di classe 3 9788877155856 £24.75  
Guida per l'insegnante 3 9788877155917 £19.95  
CD-audio (1) 3 9788877155894 £15.50 +VAT

Ages 11-18

LS Junior

Bring Italian to life with this modern, interactive course for pre-teens and teenagers! Through interaction with social tools, audiovisual resources and multimedia students will build real-life experi...


Volume A1. Libro + digitale 9788820133573 £22.50  
Volume A2. Libro + digitale 9788820138622 £22.50  
Volume B1. Libro + digitale 9788820138660 £24.75  

Italian : Vocational Courses


Un vero affare!


An Italian course for those wanting to study more specific language relating to work and business. The book is designed for those with an intermediate kno...


Libro + digitale (A2+/B2) A practical intermediate-level course of Italian for business, with useful models of correspondence and multimedia resources. 9788820120382 £32.95  

Italian : Vocabulary

Parole per parlare

Written with near beginners and intermediate students in mind, the main purpose of "Parole per parlare" is vocabulary building, based on 13 thematic units. By its nature, the material offers plenty of...


Guida per l'insegnante 9788877151483 £11.50  
Chiavi 9788877151490 £3.85  

Italian : Grammar

GP. Grammatica pratica della lingua italiana

A practical Italian grammar series that is comprehensive and easy to use. GP guides students gradually through beginners to advanced level Italian (CEFR A1-C1), helping to improve not only grammatical...


Grammatica - for English Speakers. Book + digital This bestselling book of Italian Grammar for English speakers is comprehensive and easy-to-use. 9788820138387 £20.95  
Grammatica. Libro + digitale The monolingual Italian edition of a bestselling grammar, with exercises for all levels and the digital book included. 9788820125066 £23.95  
Eserciziario. Libro + digitale 9788820137786 £19.95  

Grammatica essenziale della lingua italiana con esercizi

A bestselling grammar series for beginners and intermediate students.

Each of the 96 units are presented with the key grammar points on the left-hand page and the corresponding exercises on the fac...


Libro di testo 9788877154545 £24.75  
Essential Italian Grammar in Practice - Book (English edition) 9788877154347 £23.95  
Chiavi 9788877154552 £6.70  
Key (English edition) 9788877154330 £6.70  
Esercizi supplementari e test - testo 9788877154521 £15.95  

L'italiano essenziale con test di autovalutazione

"L'italiano essenziale con test di autovalutazione" is aimed at students at levels A1 (beginners) to B1 (intermediate) of the Common European Framework and can either be used in the classroom or at ho...


L'italiano essenziale 9788877156914 £13.50  
Essential Italian 9788877158109 £13.50  

Italian : Methodology

L & L - Lingua e Lingue

"Studi sull'insegnamento dell'italiano e delle lingue straniere"

Per la scuola e per l'università. Questa collana intende offrire studi e riflessioni organiche sull'insegnamento delle lingue. ...


Didattica dell'italiano come lingua seconda e straniera 9788820126629 £22.95  
I nuovi ferri del mestiere 9788820128616 £24.75  
Studiare in italiano all'università 9788820137953 £22.95  
I ferri del mestiere 9788877156501 £24.95  

Italian : General Overview

Ages 15-16


This is a civilisation course which uses literary texts to present an overview of contemporary Italian culture. The book has 22 graded sections (from A1-B2 of the CEFR) and 7 "treasure chests" for sel...


Guida dell'insegnante 9788855700276 £18.75  
Libro A1/B2 9788855700160 £23.95  

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