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Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri

 Dante Alighieri


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Italian : Graded Readers


Letture Graduate per Stranieri

A series of well-known works of Italian literature have been simplified and supported by footnotes and illustrations to aid comprehension and to help make learning vocabulary easier. There are also a ...


Inferno: Dante Incontra...(5 episodi tratti dall'Inferno) Alighieri, D 9788855703000 £11.95  
Paradiso: Dante incontra Alighieri, D 9788855705257 £11.95  
Purgatorio: Dante incontra Alighieri, 9788855704830 £11.95  

Italian : Accessible Original Literature

Ages 15-16


A beautifully illustrated series of classic and contemporary literature from Italy and around the world. These books are ideal for youngsters with first or second language Italian, but are also suitab...


La Divina Commedia 9788846830685 £13.95  

Italian : Criticism


The Divine Comedy Inferno Commentary Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(ed) 9780691018959 £49.95  
The Divine Comedy Paradiso Commentary Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(ed) 9780691019130 £49.95  
The Divine Comedy Purgatorio Commentary Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(ed) 9780691019109 £52.95  

Italian : Classics/Modern Classics

De vulgari Eloquentia Alighieri, D/AA, V(ed) 9780521409230 £21.99  
Vita Nova Alighieri, D 9780140449471 £10.99  

Italian : Poetry

Divine Comedy Alighieri, D/Mandelbaum, A(tr) 9781857151831 £14.99  
Inferno Nichols, J(tr)/Alighieri, D 9781847493408 £7.99  
Inferno - The Divine Comedy Alighieri, D/kirkpatrick, R(tr) 9780141195872 £18.99  
The Divine Comedy Alighieri, D 9780199535644 £10.99  
The Divine Comedy Alighieri, D/Lotherington, J(tr) 9781631061561 £20.00  
The Divine Comedy Alighieri, D/James, C(tr) 9781447244226 £16.99  
The Divine Comedy Hell Alighieri, D/Sayers, D(tr) 9780140440065 £8.99  
The Divine Comedy Inferno Alighieri, D/Musa, M(tr) 9780142437223 £7.99  
The Divine Comedy Paradise Alighieri, D/Musa, M(tr) 9780140444438 £7.99  
The Divine Comedy Paradise Alighieri, D/Reynolds, B(tr)/Sayers, D(tr) 9780140441055 £8.99  
The Divine Comedy Purgatory Alighieri, D/Sayers, D(tr) 9780140440461 £9.99  
The Divine Comedy:Paradiso Alighieri, D/kirkpatrick, R(tr) 9780140448979 £12.99  
The Inferno of Dante Alighieri Alighieri, D/Carson, C(tr) 9781862076037 £7.99  

Italian : Non-Fiction

Monarchia. Testo latino a fronte Alighieri, D/Quaglioni, D(ed) 9788804735700 £10.95  

Italian : Classics/Modern Classics

Convivio Alighieri, D 9788804707387 £10.95  
Convivio Alighieri, D 9788811362494 £13.95  
De Vulgari eloquentia Alighieri, D/Tavoni, M(ed) 9788804675860 £10.50  
Epistole. Egloge. Questio de aqua et terra Alighieri, D 9788884029706 £69.00  
Monarchia Alighieri, D 9788817166829 £11.50  
Opere di Dante - Nuova edizione commentata Alighieri, D 9788884029867 £67.00  
Vita Nova Alighieri, D 9788804671251 £9.80  
Vita Nuova Alighieri, D 9788807902000 £9.30  
Paradiso - Canti scelti (a cura di C Beneforti) Alighieri, D 9788875733247 £8.35  
Purgatorio - La Divina Commedia curata da U. Bosco e G.Reggio Reggio, G/Bosco, U(ed)/Alighieri, D(ed)/Reggio, G/Alighieri, D(ed)/Bosco 9788800228572 £29.95  

Italian : Poetry

Ages 15-16

La Divina Commedia. Edizione leggera. Con espansione online Alighieri, D/Marchi, A(ed) 9788839524058 £39.50  
La Divina Commedia. Per le Scuole superiori. Edizione integrale Alighieri, D/Gnerre, F(ed) 9788849419535 £43.50  


Commedia Alighieri, D 9788808104496 £11.95  
Commedia Alighieri, D/Chiavacci-Leonardi, A(ed) 9788804654001 £82.00  
Divina Commedia ed integrale Alighieri, D 9788854165069 £4.70  
Divina Commedia Inferno + quaderno NEW ED Alighieri, D/Bosco, U(ed)/Reggio, G(ed) 9788800208246 £31.75  
Divina Commedia Paradiso + quaderno NEW ED Alighieri, D/Bosco, U(ed)/Reggio, G(ed) 9788800208260 £29.95  
Inferno Alighieri, D 9788806187903 £12.95  
Inferno Alighieri, D 9788817079334 £13.75  
Inferno Alighieri, D 9788804671657 £13.50  
Inferno Alighieri, D 9788806189570 £58.00  
Inferno + CD Rom + Guida allo studio Divina Commedia Alighieri, DSapegno, N(ed) 9788822153128 £26.75  
Inferno - cur. Nembrini Alighieri, D 9788804726456 £30.50  
Inferno - Divina Commedia a cura di U Bosco e G Reggio + online Alighieri, D/Reggio, G(ed)/Bosco, U(ed) 9788800228565 £29.95  
Inferno- Divina Commedia Alighieri, D 9788808095794 £33.50  
Inferno. La Divina Commedia Alighieri, D 9788817120319 £13.95  
La Commedia Alighieri, D 9788843085149 £99.00  
La commedia. Vol.1:Inferno Alighieri, D 9788804340041 £78.00  
La divina commedia Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso Alighieri, D 9788817018012 £16.75  
La Divina Commedia. Ediz. integrale + CD-ROM Alighieri, D 9788839533425 £47.95  
Paradiso Alighieri, D 9788806216245 £12.95  
Paradiso Divina Commedia Alighieri, D/Sapegno, N(ed) 9788822153036 £32.75  
Paradiso La nuova edizione illustrata del Paradiso di Dante. Alighieri, D/Nembrini, F(ed) 9788804722601 £31.50  
Paradiso - La Divina Commedia Alighieri, D 9788804671633 £13.50  
Paradiso - La Divina Commedia a cura di U Bosco e G Reggio + online Alighieri, D/Reggio, G(ed)/Bosco, U(ed) 9788800228589 £30.95  
Purgatorio Alighieri, D 9788806216252 £12.95  
Purgatorio Alighieri, D/Chiavacci-Leonardi, A(ed) 9788804671640 £13.50  
Purgatorio Alighieri, D 9788817120326 £10.50  
Purgatorio + CD Rom + Guida allo studio Divina Commedia Alighieri, DSapegno, N(ed) 9788822153135 £24.95  
Rime Alighieri, D/Giunta, C(ed) 9788804684671 £13.50  
Rime giovanili e della Vita Nuova Alighieri, D 9788817028790 £13.75  

Italian : Bilingual Books

The New Life a dual-language book 9780486453491 £6.99  
The Divine Comedy Selected Cantos - A dual language text 9780486411279 £8.99  
Inferno Alighieri, D/Durling, R(tr) 9780195087444 £12.99  
The Divine Comedy Inferno Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(tr) 9780691018966 £25.00  
The Divine Comedy Inferno Alighieri, D/Sinclair, I(tr) 9780195004120 £14.99  
The Divine Comedy Paradiso Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(tr) 9780691019123 £26.00  
The Divine Comedy Paradiso Alighieri, D/Sinclair, J(tr) 9780195004144 £15.95  
The Divine Comedy Purgatorio Alighieri, D/Singleton, C(tr) 9780691019093 £26.00  
The Divine Comedy Purgatorio Alighieri, D/Sinclair, I(tr) 9780195004137 £14.99  
The Divine Comedy/La Divina Commedia-Parallel ITA-ENgG Con l'attesissimo secondo capitolo della saga de I Leoni di Sicilia, Stefani Auci ci restituisce il ritratto di una famiglia che, per un lungo istante, ha illuminato il mondo. E ci fa capire perché, dopo tanti anni, i Florio continuano a vivere, a far battere il cuore di un'isola e di una citt& Alighieri, D 9781781395493 £37.95  

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