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Primiracconti is a series of graded readers for students of all ages and levels. Each story is accompanied by brief notes which explain the more difficult words and expressions, and original illustrations which help bring the story to life. At the end of the book you will find activities (with answers) to test comprehension and improve vocabulary. Each book is available either with or without an audio CD which provides a dramatised reading of the text.

The series includes "Dieci Racconti" and "Undici Racconti", two collections of short stories which are inspired by the Nuovo Progetto Italiano course. In addition to original stories, the series also offers a selection of "Primiracconti classici" - adapted classic literature from some of Italy's most acclaimed writers. Titles include: Alberto Moravia (A2-B1), Italo Calvino (B1-B2) and Dino Buzzati (B2-C1).

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    Primiracconti: Dieci Racconti. Libro (A1-A2) Ten short stories, inspired by by the Nuovo Progetto italiano course, reveal interesting aspects of everyday life. 9789606632914 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Traffico in centro. Libro (A1-A2) 9789606632174 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Traffico in centro. Libro + CD-audio (A1-A2) Two completely different people meet at a car crash in downtown Milan and so a new friendship begins. 9789606632778 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Mistero in Via dei Tulipani. Libro (A1-A2) 9789606930133 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Mistero in Via dei Tulipani. Libro + CD-audio (A1-A2) A murder mystery, not without twists, and the start of a teenage romance... 9789606930157 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Dieci Racconti. E-book ( 9788899358235 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Mistero in Via dei Tulipani. E-book ( 9788899358174 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Traffico in centro. E-book ( 9788899358136 £6.00  


    Primiracconti: Alberto Moravia. Libro (A2-B1) 9789606930850 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Alberto Moravia. Libro + CD-audio (A2-B1) Easy-to-read extracts with accompanying exercises introduce Moravia's literary works, exploring Fascism and the morality of Italian society at the time. 9789606930843 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Un giorno diverso. Libro + CD-audio (A2-B1) A man suddenly decides to completely change his life. 9789606930003 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Un giorno diverso. Libro (A2-B1) 9789606632198 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Lo straniero. Libro (A2-B1) 9789606930362 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Lo straniero. Libro + CD-audio (A2-B1) An extra-terrestrial arrives in Italy and faces a range of amusing cultural and social misunderstandings. 9789606632785 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Il manoscritto di Giotto. Libro (A2-B1) The theft of a priceless manuscript threatens the friendship of the young protagonists: could the thief be among them? 9789606930171 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Il manoscritto di Giotto. Libro + CD-audio (A2-B1) 9789606930140 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Alberto Moravia. E-book ( 9788899358280 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Un giorno diverso. E-book ( 9788899358198 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Lo straniero. E-Book ( 9788899358150 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Il manoscritto di Giotto. E-book ( 9788899358204 £6.00  


    Primiracconti: Ritorno alle origini. Libro (B1-B2) 9789606931109 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Ritorno alle origini. Libro + CD-audio (B1-B2) One man's trip to resolve a mystery becomes a journey into his past. 9789606931116 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: L'eredità. Libro + CD-audio (B1-B2) Laurence abandons everything and everyone to follow his dream of creating his own B&B, but a terrible discovery threatens his plans... 9789606930652 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Italo Calvino. Libro + CD-audio (B1-B2) Selected, adapted passages by one of the greatest Italian writers. 9789606930713 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: Italo Calvino. Libro (B1-B2) 9789606930706 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: Undici Racconti. Libro (B1-B2) Eleven short stories that mix fantasy and reality, inspired by the Italian course Nuovo progetto italiano 2. 9789606632341 £10.50  
    Primiracconti: L'eredità. Libro (B1-B2) 9789606930669 £7.60  
    Primiracconti: L'eredità. E-Book ( 9788899358228 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Italo Calvino. E-Book ( 9788899358303 £6.00  
    Primiracconti: Ritorno alle origini. E-book ( 9788899358242 £6.00  

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